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I downloaded a new timer app that lets Addie race against the timer to get things done. Apparently this app is speaking her language because she spent an hour asking me for things to do. It was kind of annoying BUT she did a bunch of cleaning and helping so I can’t complain about that. But getting her to cooperate for pictures is not always easy these days. She either wants to be silly or look away from the camera. So sometimes I have to take the ugly kitchen lighting for a real laugh rather than a posed one by the nice light.

Neil is either the sweetest sweet or the grumpiest grump. That’s just how he rolls. He’s always grumpy at church. He really loves to catch a glimpse of himself in the glass in the foyer, then suddenly he’s so excited because WHO IS THAT CUTE BABY!? This afternoon he was a happy sweetie for a little while and indulged me for some pictures when the sun finally came out for a few minutes.

He’s rolled from back to tummy occasionally in the last couple months but he suddenly mastered it this week. Now he does it almost immediately when laid down. But it seems like he can’t remember how to get from tummy to back now so sometimes he wakes up at night crying because he’s on his tummy, or he gets mad when he’s playing on the floor and he’s stuck on his tummy.

My pediatrician recommended a walker to help with his grumpiness. Maybe being able to get around would help with that? (I was so surprised she recommended a walker though since it’s kind of controversial these days!) We’re desperate so I picked one up and…. it’s a hunk of junk. It’s a nice little seat with a tray to hold toys but the design makes it impossible for him to actually put his feet on the ground and move.

He suddenly has 4 teeth (and 2 more about to come through) in the last 2 weeks. And those puppies are sharp. He’s grabbed my finger and given it a chomp more than once. Oh and he’s really into pulling hair right now. Yay. Oh but I love him so.

Jacob has had to work all weekend and Addie has such a hard time when she doesn’t get to see him much. Weekend are the worst for that, there’s almost no possibility of him getting home in time to see her. Last night we had this conversation:

Addie: I just need to stay up yater so I can see Daddy.
Me: Daddy’s going to be home really late tonight, after you are already asleep.
Addie: But then how he gonna see me?
Me: Maybe he will come peek in on you when he gets home.
Addie: But….how will I see him if my eyes are closed?

She had a terrible night Friday night, waking up constantly asking for him (he was home) and crying about her legs hurting (a common complaint.) So last night I got her in an epsom salt bath before bed and it may or may not be related, but she had a great night last night. And was pretty darn sweet today. I love these days when she’s just like a little pixie running around the house.

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sunday photos 05

Getting Adelaide to sit down with Neil for these pictures was quite the ordeal. She’s been quite the handful the last few days. She came home from Primary today and said she got a sticker (they get 1 when they stay in their seats. I think they can get 2 per week but she only ever gets 1!) She was grumpy and said, “I got an owange sticker and I don’t yike owange. I onyee wike pink.” But not to long after that I heard her say, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I asked her where she heard that and she said at Primary. Glad she’s learning something at church! ;)

Neil woke up at 3:30 AM this morning and when I went to get him, I discovered he was on his tummy. He has been able to roll from front to back for awhile and maybe once or twice has done back to front but hasn’t been all that interested in doing either. So I was surprised to find him on his tummy! He did it a couple of times during the day today so it seems he’s picked up a new skill.

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sunday photos 04

Today was a pretty good Sunday. The morning went so smoothly (this NEVER HAPPENS) and we were early to church. We had a nice afternoon. Addie helped me make some banana muffins (that were paleo and she didn’t like them! It was worth a try.) Neil took a nap way too late and then he went to bed 2 hours later than normal after several attempts to get him to sleep.

So it’s a miracle really that I even got these photos uploaded and edited tonight! But if I have to choose between writing a longer post to accompany the pictures or watch Downton Abbey tonight…Downton Abbey wins. Always.

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January Roundup

In my renewed efforts to be a better keeper of our family memories, I’m going to try doing a monthly roundup. I need to write monthly write ups for our family newsletter anyway (I’ve completely gotten out of that habit) so this will help my memory keeping in SO many ways.

Here is the roundup for January!

- Downton Abbey
- White Collar
- Parenthood
- Shark Tank
- American Idol

- The Book of Mormon
- The Ensign
- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (well bits and pieces!)
- Real Simple

- Lorde
- Phillip Phillips Radio on Pandora

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Jacob’s parents came to town on their way home from their mission in Spain. We got to spend an evening with them and hear about their experience.
- Spent a Saturday afternoon with Jacob and the kids running errands in SLC. Made a visit to visit our friends Kalie and Jason and their cute kids.

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- Neil turned 6 months old.
- Jacob had MLK Jr day off work. He spent the day helping Heidi with some home projects (that was his Christmas present to her.)
- They started framing our house!
- Neil’s first tooth!
- Neil started solid foods and is a BIG fan.

Progress on Goals
- My Sunday Photos goal is going well. I found that I really need to pull out the DSLR to get the kind of pictures I want. I wasn’t very pleased the week I just used my iPhone. It’s a better challenge to use my real camera anyway since I use my iPhone camera everyday.
- Reading along with BoM365 on Instagram. I’ve read the assigned reading every day. It’s so nice to get the prompt in my feed each morning. I read during Neil’s first feeding in the morning.

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- Addie got a much needed haircut and her short hair turned CRAZY curly!
- Neil had his 6 month well check and then 10 days later was back with a wheezy sick cough. We put him back on Prilosec (for the spit up and general grumpiness) and an inhaler for the wheezing.
- Jacob ran out of gas on his way to work one morning but it wasn’t too far to walk to a gas station. Had to laugh since he’s always telling me that I have tons of time to get gas even after the gas light has turned on!
- Had our tax appointment with our accountant. Always a stressful event! Though we hit the new donut truck in Springville after so that made it slightly less painful.

The Everyday and Routine
- Worked on January and February vocabulary units for the shop as well as some components for a vocabulary resource pack for teachers.
- We continued our twice weekly trips to Provo for preschool. The kids are both great in the car for the most part. Neil will sleep all or part of both trips and Addie usually sleeps at least part of the trip home. Neil is a bit of a handful during the 2.5 hours we are there though and I do a lot of moving around to try and find something to entertain him. I’m not longer able to get any work done on my laptop while we are there.
- Most nights Neil goes to bed by 6:30 (so early but he demands it) and Addie at 8:00. If Jacob is home, he takes care of her bedtime routine.
- I try and save my grocery shopping and errands till an evening when the kids have gone to sleep, if possible. That often means a Friday night. Living on the wild side.

collage made using the Collect iPhone app

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sunday photos 03

Jacob had to work all day today and if it weren’t for my parents, we wouldn’t have made it through church at all. Neil was ready for a nap from the moment we arrived. I spent the whole of Sacrament Meeting out in the hall and mothers lounge. Luckily my parents were there to keep Addie while I was out. I finally got him to sleep in the mothers lounge near the end of the meeting. But when I walked out to head back and get Addie for Primary, some kids came running by yelling and woke Neil right up. Sigh.

Addie was in a great mood today. She played play dough and was so interested in her baby doll today, something she hasn’t played with much lately. She asked Grandma to name her so now we’re calling the baby Betsy. Addie put her in the jumperoo and the swing and as she carried her around kept saying, “She’s weeally heavy.” (Guess she’s heard me talking about how heavy Neil is getting!)

When we got home from church Neil took a long nap. This boy loves to sleep in his own space which is great but makes it so hard when we need to be out and about.

Decided to take some photos of feeding Neil. Addie wandered over and wanted to be in his pictures. I didn’t get a chance to change my aperture so they’re not both in focus and Neil still has food on his face but the shots made me smile.

I am loving this Sunday Photos goal. It gets me pulling out my real camera instead of the iPhone and pushes me to blog. And it gave me a chance to play with the 85mm lens Jacob got me for Christmas. I think I’m falling in love with it! Need to practice with it some more.

Some Sundays are better than others. This one gets a thumbs up.

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