sunday photos 09 and 10

Last Sunday we went to the house. It was the first time we let Addie go inside because it was finally clean and safe enough. The sheetrock was up and taping in progress. I showed Addie her room and she looked around and said, “Where’s the stuff?”

I took some pictures of the view from the playroom. It’s going to change A LOT soon so I’ve tried to take pictures around our neighborhood. I love seeing pictures of what our neighborhood looked like when my parents first moved in to their house compared to how it looks now!

Today was Jacob’s birthday! But he was at work all day so we didn’t see him. The bonus of this was it got me out of speaking in church! I said I would but the bishop was nice and said since Jacob wouldn’t be there he would ask me another time. Hopefully we’ll move first!

Sidenote: We celebrated Jacob’s birthday yesterday. He wanted to go out to breakfast and we headed out not knowing where we would go. We ended up at the Cracker Barrel (can’t remember the last time I was there) and besides the fact that it was crowded and loud, we had a great time and the food was yummy! Addie even tried a few bites of french toast which is amazing for our picky eater who never wants to try new things. Neil was grumpy and ready for a nap but giving him bits of biscuits and sips of my water stalled him a little while. Jacob took Addie out during the day to play at Boondocks and visit the house. I stayed home with Neil while he napped. We did the singing and birthday cake with the kids before they went to bed. (Costco chocolate cake = chocolate overdose! But Jacob wanted chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and I think the cake fit the bill.) After Neil went to bed, Jacob and I went to Salt Lake. We didn’t really have any plans. We decided to go to Vinto for dinner, one of our favorite places. We really enjoyed just spending time together and talking without any kid interruptions. Everything we wanted to do was closed after dinner so we ended up at the fancy downtown Harmons and picked out some fun and special food that we haven’t seen other places. All in all, it was a good night I think!

Back to today. Got Addie and Neil to sit together for a picture but getting the two to look at the camera and smile at the same time is nearly impossible. Addie wanted to hold hands which was so cute. At the end I tried to tickle Neil or something and Addie leaped across him to protect him from me.

And this is the real story. Not pictured: Addie covering her ears.

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sunday photos 07 and 08

Last week Addie was using a lens hood as a microphone for her performance. The house is a total mess of clutter and boxes but I don’t care. It makes the moment more true to real life!

Neil worked on his sitting skills. He’s pretty good at it now but often just flops back on the boppy and checks things out upside down.

He also discovered the wonder of Baby Mum Mums. He gets so excited when he sees me get one out. He’s always a mushy mess after but it makes him so happy that it’s worth it.

This week…

Well this week stunk. And today wasn’t much better. But Neil was cute, in between practicing his new ROARING skill. Actually the roaring is kind of cute too. Except when he does it so loud during Sacrament Meeting that we have to go in the hall. Our neighbor told me later in class, “Your little boy is so cute. But boy does he get mad!”

We did a couple of balloon activities for a product review for my business blog.

And tomorrow is a new week. I’m ready for a new week.

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neil 7 months

So I have really slacked on writing these monthly recaps for Neil. I have taken a picture every month. Several months I have started writing them or at least made some notes, but they never got written. As I’ve mentioned before, since I have a business that is always needing more attention from me, I always feel like when I have computer time I need to be working. I let that keep me from recording so many things for the last 1.5+ years and I’m trying to do better.

I hate to start doing these at 7 months but it’s better than nothing. And if I can decipher my old notes well enough, I’ll go back and write some little recaps for Neil later.

So Neil at 7 months!

Last month (on New Years Eve I think, so just before he turned 6 months old) we started having him sleep in the computer room in the pack ‘n’ play because having him sleep in our room was just not working for any of us anymore. We have kept on with that and it’s been really good for all of us. He goes to bed SO EARLY but he literally demands it. His nap schedule varies during the day depending on our activities (especially since he always prefers to sleep at home than on the go) but he is done, done, done and ready for bed about 6:00 PM. I tried pushing him later by having a later nap and it just didn’t work so I’ve given in. The good thing about it is that I get a long break from him before I go to bed which is much needed. Love this boy but he is a handful (more on that later….) He slept through the night for the first time a few weeks ago (meaning straight through until morning.) But then he got sick and started waking up around 10-11 PM again. I got in the habit of waking him up and feeding him before I went to bed so that I didn’t have to risk him waking up 30 minutes after I fell asleep. But I’m back to letting him sleep until he wants to wake up and it’s going well. The first night he didn’t wake up until 3 AM (a normal wake up time for him) and last night he slept from 6:30-5:50 AM then slept another 45 minutes or so after that. Hopefully we’re heading towards a new normal of no wake-ups.

As I said, naps vary from day to day. He had been sleeping in his pack ‘n’ play for naps in January but then he got sick and they started being so short that one day in desperation I plopped him in the swing (that I had been almost ready to put away) and he slept awesome. So he’s still napping in the swing and for the most part I just put him in there wide awake and he talks to himself until he falls asleep. Obviously we need to change this habit before too long but I’m not overly concerned about it.

In general, Neil’s temperament tends to be on the grumpy side. We’re treating him for reflux but I’m not sure if that’s it or if he’s just high maintenance. Addie was a high maintenance baby too, although by this age she was already on the move so I think she was less grumpy. He gets bored of things quickly and then growls/groans/whines/cries until something else interests him for a brief time. It was tricky for awhile because he was too big for the bouncy chair, didn’t really like the jumperoo anymore, and couldn’t sit up well enough so there was not much I could do with him. He’s too heavy for me to carry around for very long. Now he’s doing a good job of sitting for longer periods while propped up with the boppy so there’s some more happy time each day. That helps a lot. But many days we’re still taking a car ride (most often in the mid afternoon) to get us from nap time to bed time because he’s so grumpy I just can’t stand it.

I think he’s pretty close to sitting unassisted, which is a huge change! He has been able to roll from tummy to back for awhile but just got good at back to tummy in the last couple of weeks. But oddly, now he doesn’t really go tummy to back anymore and just gets mad when he’s tired of being on his tummy. Seeing how quickly he’s getting good at sitting gives me hope that he’ll soon pick up the back and forth rolling too. Our pediatrician recommended we get a walker to help him have some movement and also to strengthen his hip girdle for sitting. The one we got was lame and he couldn’t even reach the floor in it but after my mom did some refashioning of the seat, he can reach the floor and moving around a bit. At first he could only go backwards but already he can now go forward a bit too. It doesn’t entertain him for long but at least it’s something. For the most part I’m fine with him not being on the move yet, it’s easier to have him in one spot! But I do wonder if it would help his temperament which would be a huge relief for all of us!

His fine motor skills are awesome. When he gets grumpy in the car I can hand him a toy (or his wubanub binky that he likes to bite/suck/chew/gnaw on sometimes) and he can easily maneuver it around to play with, at least until he drops it too far out of reach. He picks up little puffs on his high chair tray but hasn’t quite figured out how to get them out of his little clenched fist into his mouth. He pinches me all the time and also pulls hair, which really ticks Addie off when he does it to her! He likes to hook his thumb behind my shirt/ his shirt/ a burp cloth and suck on that. He has a hanging toy on his car seat that he is good at pulling down and sucking on and then it climbs back up.

He loves to look at himself in the mirror or a reflection. He likes to play peekaboo. He laughs at everything Addie does and sometimes she will perform for him. I taught her how to feed him puffs and that’s a happy activity for both of them usually. Though I have to watch so she doesn’t stuff his mouth with 20 puffs at a time because he’ll keep opening up for another one if she offers it even if he has some in his mouth. For the most part he doesn’t care about the TV being on but will occasionally watch a few moments of Henry Hugglemonster or Sesame Street. He likes the laughing baby app on my phone (though not as much as he used to) and you tube videos of laughing babies.

He loves to eat. We had some nursing troubles early on but he’s a pro now. He’s so noisy and flaps his arms around his side or on his head, or grabs and pulls at my shirt. He’s easily distracted if there’s things going on in the room (like Addie running around) and so we can’t successfully nurse in public. And nursing with a cover on is a huge distraction to him and he will just play with it instead of eating. He will eat any food I’ve given him (we do combinations of banana, avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrot, apple, pear). I introduced him to Baby Mum Mums recently (because Addie used to love them) and he is a huge fan. He figured it out right away and loves that he can feed himself. I don’t remember Addie making quite the mushy mess that he does though! It’s so worth the few moments of quiet so I can do something, even if there’s a big mess to clean after.

He has 5 teeth and the cutest little grin. He will smile for most anybody but is still stingy with his giggles. Nobody gets as much laughter out of him as Addie does. He loves to stand up while someone supports him and stomp his feet. And he also loves to hang his head over the side of a lap or chair and look at things upside down.

Weight at 7 months 9 days old: 19 lbs 13 oz

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February Roundup

- Downton Abbey
- Handy Manny (Addie)
- Doc McStuffins (Addie)
- Frozen videos/covers on YouTube
- Saving Mr. Banks (me, alone at the theater! It was so fun to go to a movie alone!)

- Split Second by Kasie West
- Parenting with Love and Logic

- Frozen soundtrack
- Imagine Dragons radio on Pandora

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Heidi came and spent the day with us for Mom’s birthday. She brought Chinese food for lunch. We drove around some areas near where we’re building to see if anything jumped out to her. We also drove to Ogden to see the new construction on the temple. Once we got Neil to bed we watched Austenland and had birthday cupcakes!

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- Neil rolling over tummy to back frequently and easily!
- Neil sitting up!
- Neil slept through the night for the first time and by the end of the month was doing it most nights.
- Valentine’s Day- not much going on but Addie had a blast at her preschool Valentines Day party. Mom took her down because I was recovering from the stomach flu.
- President’s Day- Jacob had the day off! He spent the whole day at the house working (which turned into a big, big problem later.)
- Mom’s birthday- Addie was excited for mom’s birthday but asked “where are the balloons?” So Jacob took her to pick one out and she picked a Tinkerbell one. Then she saw the flowers and said, “How bout a plant?” So she picked out a bouquet of flowers too. She helped me put the 6-0 candles on the cake. She was sitting with mom when we lit them and her excitement turned to nervousness. “Is it really hot?” I said yes and she panicked. She ran away screaming, “I don’t want to get really hot!” Jacob picked her up and tried to calm her and she said, “I don’t want to go close. I needa stay really far!” As soon as mom blew them out Addie was excited about it again.

Progress on Goals
- Kept up with Book of Mormon 365 every day (missed one day while sick but caught up the next)
- Kept up with Sunday Photos
- Completely edited and processed all pictures from January for Project Life/ Blog etc.

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- House progress
- Fireplace/wall/house DRAMA
- Stomach bug
- Had the big quarterly sale at TpT and surpassed the goal we set. Yay!

The Everyday and Routine
- Addie turned a big box into a play area and played it in most everyday for most of the month.
- Addie takes quiet time happily every day. But she just suddenly seemed to notice all of mom’s craft stuff in there and now she’s made a huge mess in her room. One day she asked, “Uhhh mom can you come down and help me?” I went down and discovered she’d wrapped a spool of pink thread around herself like 20 times and was truly stuck!
- At preschool Addie needed to go to the bathroom and Heidi told her to come downstairs so I could help her (with her clothes since she used to get undressed from the waist down but I’ve been helping her figure out how to go with the pants on.) Addie told Heidi, “It’s ok! My mom showed me a trick!”
- I taught Addie how to feed Neil puffs. She was scared at first that he would bite her fingers (a valid concern!) But she learned that if she didn’t get close enough, he wouldn’t open his mouth. “It didn’t work!” She figured out just how close to get without getting bitten. He loves the puffs and she is proud of herself for helping feed him. I just have to watch so she doesn’t stuff 6 puffs in a row before he has time to swallow.
- The Tinkerbell balloon that Addie picked out for Mom’s birthday become her buddy for awhile. She took it around the house and called it “my fwiend, the bwoon.” (Sorry for documenting this, teenage Addie, but it was so funny.)
- Addie saw a picture of herself as a baby. “Is that baby Neil?” Me: “Nope that’s baby Addie!” Addie: “And I was a boy?” Me: “You were still a girl. You just didn’t have any hair!”
- Neil has started biting me occasionally while nursing. One time I yelped and scared him and then he cried for 5 minutes. (Wait a minute, who got bit here??)

collage made using the Collect iPhone app

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sunday photos 06

I downloaded a new timer app that lets Addie race against the timer to get things done. Apparently this app is speaking her language because she spent an hour asking me for things to do. It was kind of annoying BUT she did a bunch of cleaning and helping so I can’t complain about that. But getting her to cooperate for pictures is not always easy these days. She either wants to be silly or look away from the camera. So sometimes I have to take the ugly kitchen lighting for a real laugh rather than a posed one by the nice light.

Neil is either the sweetest sweet or the grumpiest grump. That’s just how he rolls. He’s always grumpy at church. He really loves to catch a glimpse of himself in the glass in the foyer, then suddenly he’s so excited because WHO IS THAT CUTE BABY!? This afternoon he was a happy sweetie for a little while and indulged me for some pictures when the sun finally came out for a few minutes.

He’s rolled from back to tummy occasionally in the last couple months but he suddenly mastered it this week. Now he does it almost immediately when laid down. But it seems like he can’t remember how to get from tummy to back now so sometimes he wakes up at night crying because he’s on his tummy, or he gets mad when he’s playing on the floor and he’s stuck on his tummy.

My pediatrician recommended a walker to help with his grumpiness. Maybe being able to get around would help with that? (I was so surprised she recommended a walker though since it’s kind of controversial these days!) We’re desperate so I picked one up and…. it’s a hunk of junk. It’s a nice little seat with a tray to hold toys but the design makes it impossible for him to actually put his feet on the ground and move.

He suddenly has 4 teeth (and 2 more about to come through) in the last 2 weeks. And those puppies are sharp. He’s grabbed my finger and given it a chomp more than once. Oh and he’s really into pulling hair right now. Yay. Oh but I love him so.

Jacob has had to work all weekend and Addie has such a hard time when she doesn’t get to see him much. Weekend are the worst for that, there’s almost no possibility of him getting home in time to see her. Last night we had this conversation:

Addie: I just need to stay up yater so I can see Daddy.
Me: Daddy’s going to be home really late tonight, after you are already asleep.
Addie: But then how he gonna see me?
Me: Maybe he will come peek in on you when he gets home.
Addie: But….how will I see him if my eyes are closed?

She had a terrible night Friday night, waking up constantly asking for him (he was home) and crying about her legs hurting (a common complaint.) So last night I got her in an epsom salt bath before bed and it may or may not be related, but she had a great night last night. And was pretty darn sweet today. I love these days when she’s just like a little pixie running around the house.

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