the one with fantastic news

We got some mail yesterday.

(Which considering the terrible mail delivery at our apartment is fantastic news in and of itself.)

Jacob was accepted to his favorite school, Touro in New York City!!!!

We’re beyond ecstatic. Applying to medical school has been a long hard process. We made a lot of mistakes and weren’t sure it was going to work out for us this year. So to have Jacob get into his #1 school is huge. We’re so excited. We have a short while to make some decisions so that will be coming soon. We’re relieved to know we’re going to medical school for sure this year. Somewhere! Not here! We can finally make a decision about our apartment and my job. So many wheels in motion right now… Hopefully final decisions will be made soon but we just had to share our excitement.

Take a look at the future Dr. Stephenson!

I’d trust him with my life. But maybe I’m biased.

(FYI, he started growing the beard on Monday and decided he wouldn’t shave it until he got accepted. He shaved last night!)

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28 Responses to the one with fantastic news

  1. Heidi says:

    Ahhh! Look at that happy face!!

  2. Jill says:

    yay! NYC–I hope you know now that we’ll definitely be meeting sometime ;) NYC is about 2 hrs from me :)

  3. MaryRuth says:

    OH HOW GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ jealous… in a good way… I’ve always wanted to live/visit NYC!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nadine says:

    congratulations ek and jacob! that is really exciting news! you must be so relieved!

  5. Heather says:

    Congratulations! Good luck with all your big decisions and changes!

  6. Lisa says:

    That is so exciting! Congrats!!!!!

  7. Katie says:

    WOOO HOOO!!!!! Congrats!!! I am thrilled for you guys. You’re gonna love NYC. Where you going to live? I cannot wait for all the excitement to happen for ya : )

  8. erin says:

    So cool! I have been wanting an excuse to go back to NYC sometime. Now I have one! btw Jake looks great!

  9. shannon b says:

    how exciting!!!! congratulations! And NYC?! What a cool adventure that will be. I remember oogling over your NYC trip pictures a few months ago. I bet you are sooo happy!

  10. miss hill says:

    WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I KNEW it! My dream DID mean something! (Okay, probably not, but I’ll think it to make me feel good!). I am SOOOOO happy for you guys! What will you be out there? We’ll be there from July 15-August 24ish…Let us know! CONGRATULATIONS JACOB!!!!!

  11. Janssen says:

    YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! I’m very excited for you both. What a relief that must be!

  12. Ferrill says:

    Congratulations! How exciting is that–and NYC no less! It will be so much fun to read about your adventures in the Big Apple!

  13. lori says:

    We are so excited for you guys! I need a good excuse to take a trip to NYC!!! Jacob will make a wonderful Dr. He totally looks like one already. Good luck with the final decision making. . .We love you guys!

  14. kirsten says:


  15. rebekah says:

    whoohoooo, EK!!!!! that’s awesome news!! congrats to dr. & mrs. dr.! :)

  16. Lisa Brown says:

    Yea!! Congrats to you guys!!!

  17. sarah says:

    Emily, you know I’m so excited for you guys!!!!! Friday was the craziest day ever!! I just might be joining you guys…we’ll see. ;)

  18. tricia says:

    yay!!! i’m so happy for you guys. that is awesome!!!

  19. Shalena says:

    CONGRATS!! That is so exciting! Let me know if you are going to go through CO!

  20. Nichole says:

    that’s SO fantastic!! big congrats to Jacob & you!
    i will definitely have to keep coming to NYC in the vacation plans!! :)

  21. Kim says:

    YEAH! Now you can start to plan! Those pictures will make a great scrapbook page…make sure you share when you make it!

  22. Holly Child says:

    Congratulations!!! What exciting news! :o)

  23. Congrats!!!! I loooooveee NYC and will be there in October! How exciting :D

  24. Thimbleanna says:

    Big jumbo CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jacob! I confess — I’ve been lurking here for the longest time. I first noticed your blog last fall when you mentioned that Jacob had applied to the U. My son also applied there (as an out-of-stater) and I kept you bookmarked hoping that one day this spring I’d be able to comment and say that my son and your Jacob would be classmates.

    Sadly, that hasn’t happed (my son got waitlisted) but at least they’ll both have great schools to go to (mine to Indiana U.) Congratulations again to you both — and for you — what could be more exciting than NYC??? Woohoo!!!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Yay Jacob! we are so proud! And Emily I’m so excited for you, NYC would be so awesome!

  26. kelly says:

    that is so exciting. are you moving to NYC too???
    i need details :)

  27. Lara says:

    Great job! I work at a hospital and we definitely need more good doctors out there!