June Roundup

- The Fault in Our Stars
- Jimmy Fallon
- So You Think You Can Dance

- The Fault in Our Stars
- Attachments

- Brian Regan radio

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Jacob and Addie went to Wisconsin for Jacob’s family reunion. They were gone Friday morning – Monday morning. Addie loved playing with lots of cousins and hated the scary dogs. She’s still talking about both of those things. She picked up some things like “rock paper scissors” from the other kids (and she totally doesn’t understand the game.) She loved swimming in the hot tub. They missed their flight on the way home and couldn’t get another one on that airline until the next day. Since Jacob had to work they had to fly home on a different airline. The day they got home she fell asleep on the way to baggage claim, went back to sleep in the car, whined and cried and finally laid down on my bed when we got home and slept for 4 more hours. Traveling is rough!
- While Jacob and Addie were gone, Neil and I spent the weekend at home. And Heidi came up to do some work, watch Sherlock, and hang out on Friday night and Saturday.

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- The Family Reunion

Progress on Goals

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- We got called to be primary teachers.
- Addie started swimming lessons. The first day she was ready to quit the whole thing. But grew a little braver every day. By the last day of the 2 weeks she finally put her whole head under the water, yay! She has more lessons coming up later this summer.
- Jacob has had a stressful time at work lately and we’re both anxious for that to improve.

The Everyday and Routine
- I looked for every spare moment all day long to work, work, work. Heidi and I are having great success with our business. But with great success comes great responsibility (wink) so we are just so darn busy. The to-do list just keeps growing. And there’s always a bunch of e-mails to be answered, comments to reply to, social media posts to schedule. I’m usually able to work during Neil’s naps but sometimes Addie has a hard time self entertaining during that time.
- Neil is sleeping great these days. He’s still a grump but has more happy periods now that he is mobile. He does more of a “worm” than a crawl but he’s SO fast. He loves to crawl into the kitchen and roll out a drawer then push it back in. Except occasionally he catches a finger in there, ouch!

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