May Roundup

- Sesame Street
- Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me)

- Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

- Brian Regan radio (a new favorite! When I’m stuck in the car or cleaning this always puts me in a good mood.)
- Imagine Dragons radio

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Heather and her family were in town for a couple weeks and we loved spending time with them. We went with them to the Discovery Museum, met up with them for lunch in Provo, had them over to our house, met up at City Creek for dinner, and went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Addie wishes her cousins could play every day!
- Emily and Lori came to town for a girl’s weekend over Memorial Day. We talked and shopped and planned and ate yummy food and got pedicures. Much needed and much enjoyed.

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- Moved into our new house. What a surreal and exciting experience after all this planning and stress. We love the house and are enjoying meeting our new neighbors.
- Neil started crawling at the very end of the month. He gets frustrated easily but when he’s not worked up, he does a pretty good job at it and can get around to what he wants. He started out doing a little of the traditional crawl but then switched to leap-frogging it!
- Addie’s last day of Preschool. She will miss it over the summer!

Progress on Goals

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- Getting the new yard going has been a mess. Lots of trouble with the grading and scheduling the sod and sprinklers and fence. What a hassle but we can’t wait till it’s done. Addie loves to be out in the yard!

The Everyday and Routine
- Not much feels like routine yet in our new house!
- Unpacking VERY slowly while we try and decide what we do and don’t want to keep and where we want it to go. We have all the everyday essentials unpacked and still have a garage full of stuff. What is all this stuff? After having it in a storage unit for a year and finding I don’t miss much of anything that’s out there, I’m tempted to send it all straight to DI. But we will slowly weed through it all and keep the important stuff. It’s been nice to live in a house that isn’t already full of clutter!
- Addie still goes to tumbling every Wednesday and adores it.

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