April Roundup

Didn’t get a chance to come back and fill this out properly because we got so busy with the move but here are the notes I wrote before the end of April.

- Call the Midwife
- Jimmy Fallon
- Studio C

- The Rosie Project
- The Pigeon Needs a Bath (We read lots of kids books but this new one became a quick favorite.)

- Frozen soundtrack
- Imagine Dragons Radio

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Design Center with Heidi
- Ikea trip with Heidi, Cassity + 6 kids (CHAOS!)

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- Addie’s birthday
- Addie’s Frozen Birthday party
- Heidi’s bday dinner + Dead Sea Scrolls

Progress on Goals

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- General Conference!
- Major house progress: paint, cabinets, counters, flooring, exterior stone, driveway
- Final walk through on the house!
- Closing on the house on April 30th.

The Everyday and Routine
- Neil naps best ONLY at home. Trying to run errands or go to things that interrupt his nap schedule ends up being torturous for all of us. He will nap in the car but usually for only 30-45 minutes max and is grumpy soon after. It makes going to preschool in Provo and doing other things very difficult! The upside to this: he is a great napper at home. Goes right down without a peep and sleeps about 2 hours, usually.
- Addie’s really into pretend play right now. She will come up to one of us in the midst of a pretend play scene and say something like, “Where are we driving?” And when we ask, “I don’t think we’re driving anywhere this morning” she will whisper, “No, we’re just ‘tending’.”

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  1. Lori Ann says:

    I love this post format and all of the fun little details it includes!