March Roundup

- Justin Time (Addie)
- The Monuments Men
- Sesame Street (Neil)
- Mitt documentary on Netflix
- Veronica Mars movie (at home, downloaded from Amazon)

- Someday, Someday Maybe
- My Father’s Dragon (Me and Addie)

- Frozen soundtrack
- Imagine Dragons Radio

Fun Things with Friends and Family
- Looking at house/lot with Heidi
- Daylight Donuts
- City Creek shopping and dinner from Red Iguana. Addie loved playing in the kids play area and quickly found some little friends to run around with.

Milestones, Holidays & Special Events
- Frozen came in the mail and we had a pizza picnic and watched it. As much as Addie loves the movie, she still can’t hold still!
- Jacob’s birthday fell on Sunday. The day before we celebrated with chocolate cake. After Neil was in bed we went to SLC and had dinner at Vinto Pizzeria. It was late after that so we ended up just chatting and then walked around the big Harmons store downtown.
- I didn’t do much for St. Patricks Day but a leprechaun did leave a little pot of gold chocolate coins and some rainbow stacking blocks. Addie pointed out that the leprechaun footprints were just paper but then seemed ok with that!
- Jacob and Adddie went to Disney on Ice. Addie loved it and has been asking to go back.

Progress on Goals
- Behind on Project Life but did start doing it digitally.
- Took my Sunday photos each week but didn’t keep up with getting them all edited right away. Still, very happy with what I did get with this goal.
- Read the Book of Mormon every morning this month.

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual
- Neil was super grumpy for 2 weeks and went back to waking up twice a night.
- Took Neil to Uncle Jess for an ear test which found fluid in his ear. Went to the doctor the next day and she said it isn’t infected so there isn’t anything to do right now.
- Asked to speak in church but then got out of it because Jacob had to work. Can’t say I was sad about that!
- Neil got a little cold and a couple new teeth which meant lots of grumpiness and a stuffy nose and difficulty nursing.
- Heidi started the process of building a house just a couple blocks from our new house! We’re ecstatic.
- Grandpa went out to take pictures at the island and didn’t get home until hours after he normally does. And his phone was off so he didn’t know we were calling him. We were just about ready to call 911 when he finally texted that he was on his way home. Silly man got caught up talking to other photographers and lost track of time.
- We discovered a bunch of pictures on Mom’s camera that Addie had taken when she’s up by herself in the morning. There were some selfies and pictures of the room. And some videos! One of the days the pictures were from 12:00 AM. It was the same night she came into me and asked to be tucked back in. I noticed the lights were on but I assumed it was because she went to the bathroom. I guess she was hanging out for awhile before she decided to go back to bed. Silly girl.
- Having some carpal tunnel pain as well as some issues with my left thumb. Wearing a brace at least some of the time has helped.
- Mom put up a fairy door and a fairy started coming to visit. When she’s here there’s glitter on the doorstep. It’s SO fun when Addie notices it. If she leaves a note for the fairy the fairy will usually leave her a little present (a tiny deck of cards, a little stuffed animal, a pair of sunglasses.)
- We got an official close date for the house. April 30!

The Everyday and Routine
- Daylight Savings Time threw us all for a loop. Neil’s routine just shifted. He now stayed up till about 7:30 PM and sleeps in until 7-8 AM.
- We visited the house several times and watched the small changes (finishing the sheetrock and drywall, putting up the banisters doors, shelves and trim.) They started work on the stucco as well.
- We were late to Preschool almost every day after the time change. Good thing Auntie Heidi forgives us!
- Addie’s solution to anybody being sad (including Neil) is to sing “Let it Go!” at the top of her lungs.
- My work projects this month were Jargon Journals and the 2nd Grade Language Arts review.
- Addie and I started reading My Fathers Dragon. She likes having me read it out loud to her but she does have a hard time following the story sometimes.
- Addie’s in love with playing Spot It and is genuinely very good at it. She often spots the match before I do and she LOVES to win. She says “I’m gonna beep (beat) you!”
- Neil loves Baby Mum Mums. I think he especially likes that he can eat them without help!
- Addie has been on a baby doll kick lately and it’s so cute to see her mothering them and talking to them. She pulled out one she never used to play with much and named it Flower. It became one of her “must haves” at bedtime. That list includes 2 bunnies, her light up “owl” (a happy meal Furby toy!) and a rotating list of other babies and/or stuffed animals.
- Lots of tax and mortgage paperwork this month. It’s so fun being a grown up. But in actuality, I’m glad we have an income to pay taxes on and the means to build a nice new home.
- Now that the weather is nicer Addie loves to go outside and “help” with yard work, play with the soccer ball or in the sandbox, go for walks or ride her bike.
- Jacob had a nice rotation this month with some bonus afternoons off. We so appreciated having him around more, especially since I had a lot of work to do!

No photo collage this month as I have been trying out digital project life and not saving my phone pics in the Collect App for printing.

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