tuesday tidbits

Couldn’t commit to 10 this week!

- Neil is 6 months! My boy just gets more and more fun every day. 6 month post soon.

- Addie says the cutest things these days and in her sweet little voice. She’s playing pretend a lot lately. Today she was pretending to be a dancing pirate and would only respond if I called her pirate, “Not Addie!” Later she said that there were crocodiles on the carpet and she leaped in my arms and said, “You saved me!” At bedtime I asked if she wanted to go to preschool tomorrow. She grabbed my arm and shook it hard, “That’s a REALLY good idea!!!”

- We got to see Jacob’s parents last week on their way home from their 2 year (ish) mission in Spain! Addie was a little unsure at first but warmed up to them. The funny thing is ever since she’ll randomly say, “When are we going to play with Grandpa Stephenson again?”

- Last Saturday while running errands in SLC we made a quick stop to visit my old roommate Kalie and her family. So fun to see her and still be friends after all these years. It was 8 years ago that we lived together while dating our future husbands! Addie’s been begging to go back and visit Tessa ever since. My girl would be so happy if she could play with friends all the time!

- Downton Abbey is back. All is right in the world.

- I keep having flashbacks of watching it last year. I was pregnant and SICK and so my memories are from watching it lying down on the couch once Addie finally went to bed. At the time we were struggling with her sleep a lot and Jacob was gone a lot for his residency interviews. What a difference a year makes!

A hurried blog post is better than no blog post, right? :) To me it is!

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2 Responses to tuesday tidbits

  1. Kalie says:

    So sweet! Tess keeps walking past your holiday card on the fridge and asking, “Where that kid? I play with that girl.” Obviouisly another playdate is in order.

  2. Cass says:

    So glad your pregnancy sickness is passed. Loved reading this :)