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I know not everybody is crazy about New Years resolutions but I like them. It’s great to take some time to reflect and try to make positive changes in your life. I’m not completely set on my resolutions yet, but there’s one that I have decided on: I WILL BE BETTER ABOUT BLOGGING. Blogging has changed for me. I don’t do it for the social interaction that I used to have with other bloggers (do people even comment on blogs anymore?) And with instagram and facebook I’m pretty much covered when it comes to keeping in contact with friends and family. But this last year (or more) I really dropped the ball on documenting our life. My Project Life is incomplete and it’s difficult to fill in when I hardly kept any notes or journaling about what went on. And 2013 was a really big year for us, so I should have been doing MORE of that record keeping, not less.

So my goal going forward is to blog once a week. About anything. It doesn’t have to have any pictures (something I always let hold me up in the past). I just want it DONE.

I’ve also set a goal to take pictures of the kids on Sundays, hopefully with my nice camera. I’ll get as many Sundays as I can, but if I miss some I’ll just carry on. And maybe this will help with my blogging goal.

Here’s what’s going on lately:

1- Christmas was wonderful. I hope to post the pictures eventually. The kids ended up a little extra spoiled than usual, particularly Addie. The surprise hit of the day was the cash register that I only bought because it was on an Amazon deal. She has played with that every single day since Christmas.

2- We had an elf on the shelf this year. His name is Sparkle! Addie LOVED him. We kept it very low key, no elaborate set ups. He just moved around the house to a new spot each night. She would go looking for him first thing every morning. We just said he was here to spend Christmas with us and learn how to be good like Addie. I don’t really love the whole “spying” aspect that the book puts on it so we won’t be reading the book anymore. On Christmas Eve he was sitting on the Christmas tree with a letter for Addie. He explained that he was going home with Santa that night (which I had been prepping her for) but that elves have extra magic on Christmas Eve so she could give him a hug if she wanted to. She loved that and it was so cute. It took several days after Christmas for her to stop asking about him.

3- We finally moved Neil out of our room. We didn’t have a good place for him so he stayed in our room but he was starting to wake up 5+ times a night. He woke up to every noise, even just the rustling of sheets when I climbed into bed. So we set up the pack n play in the computer room and it has been a pretty good set up. He’s waking up less often at night. And if he’s being difficult I can let him fuss a little bit. When he was in our room he would fuss more because he knew I was there. He’s pretty good to go down awake in the new room and goes to sleep without too much fuss. He likes to go to bed between 6-7 PM and wakes up usually between 10-11, before I’ve gone to bed. Then another time around 2 or 3 and then he’s up at 6. After I nurse him he will usually doze in bed with me for 1-2 more hours. So that’s about 3 times a night but that’s actually an improvement.

4- Addie started Primary today. She asked if there would be toys there and I felt bad that now she has to “grow up” and go to real class! Rude awakenings for a 3 year old. :) She was really excited about it and loves her teacher already. But she came home today saying that she pushed a little boy and he cried. I couldn’t get much more of the story than that. So you know, off to a great start.

5- Um WE’RE BUILDING A HOUSE. How have I not blogged about that? So much to say about it. It’s been an exciting, terrifying, frustrating, and SLOW process. But they’ve finally started work. The hole was dug before Christmas and now there’s foundation and footings and…other things that I don’t know about. But every time we go by they’ve done some more work which is exciting.

Sunday Photos 1/5/14

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6 Responses to a new year and sunday photos 01

  1. shannon b says:

    Welcome back to blogland! Your photos are beautiful. And yes, we need more details on the house!

    Ohh Sunbeams. On Conner’s first Sunday as a sunbeam he stormed up to the front of the Primary room to use the microphone and could not be convinced that it was not his turn to talk/sing. So the leaders had to bring him to us. That made us super proud. :)

  2. Lori Ann says:

    YES! I have the same resolution. I ordered a blog2print book of my cookiesheets blog and I love it! It’s so not fancy, but it’s enough. I have decided to keep things super simple and just blog and do a blog2print book each year. In fact, I even figured out how to combine all of my old blogs (three of them!:) into one so it is all in one place now. (I will send you an invite) The awesome thing is, starting from 2006 I only have one 4 month gap from when we moved to Chicago. I plan to go back and fill that in, and then of course All of 2013! iphoto makes it really easy to get caught up on blogging with the photos so organized. Here’s to an awesome year of blogging!

  3. Miss Hill says:

    Addie’s dress? SERIOUSLY. I’m in love:) Feel free to pass her hand-me-downs (that Lucy’s doesn’t have duplicates of) Eve’s way;)

  4. heather says:

    Hi Emily, I haven’t blogged in over a year! You are an inspiration for getting back into it. I miss your wonderful photos.

  5. Erica says:

    Being better about blogging is one of my resolutions too! I’m not committing to every day but hoping that between instagram photo a day’s and Facebook I can be better about record keeping/personal/family history. I’m hoping to do the Photo a day’s for the whole year, but if I miss a day I’m going to try to just not worry about it and move on. I love the Sunday Picture idea. I need to get all of our photos organized a bit better. Neil is so handsomely cute and Addie is just a doll. Love you!

  6. Cass says:

    Um hello Annie/Addie in that little red dress w/ those curls! Love your tradition w/ the elf on the shelf!