ten on wednesday

1. We’re having a BOY! The ultrasound was yesterday. We are SO excited. I have had the sense it was a boy for most of the pregnancy and unconsciously referred to the baby as “he” many times. But I never felt completely confident, not like with Adelaide when I knew she was a girl. Last week I had two dreams about the ultrasound and both times it was a boy so maybe my motherly intuition knew. We’re really excited to get to have a little girl and a little boy.

2. I immediately started looking online at baby boy clothes and there is some REALLY cute stuff out there for boys! I’m surprised so many people say it’s hard to shop for boys. I’m a bit picky and I still have seen a lot I like. I imagine this boy will be wearing a lot of stripes (much like his sister.)

3. Names, on the other hand, are a completely different story. I’m so picky about names in general but I have a longer list of things I don’t like when it comes to boy names so I imagine it’s going to be difficult to name this little one.

4. Suddenly one day late last week I started feeling the baby move a ton. I had felt flutters before but now I feel him a lot, several times a day. It’s nice and somehow comforting. It eases a mama’s mind.

5. Made an appointment for the eye doctor at Costco Saturday only to show up and discover we made the appointment at a different Costco and we couldn’t get over there in time. They didn’t have any more openings that day. So we ended up at a really ghetto Walmart with an eye center, but the optometrist was nice. Turns out my astigmatism has changed in my right eye and that’s why the contact couldn’t fit right and stay focused. She didn’t have the prescription I need on hand (they never do because it’s really high) so she gave me a fill-in pair that are at least better than what I was wearing before while she orders in a pair in the right prescription.

6. We picked up Peter Pan the other day and Addie really loves it. She asks to watch it every day. I haven’t seen it since I was little so it was fun for me to watch it again too. Maybe it’s being older now or being a mom but the whole “never growing up” thing has been on my mind since watching it. I can’t help but want Addie to always stay little and enjoy the magic of childhood. Also, am I the only person that never noticed that Captain Hook and Mr. Darling are the same voice? Adds a whole other level to the story that I never picked up on before.

7. Adelaide has been making me laugh lately with her obsession with moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas. She talks about “Gamma and Gampa” every day, randomly telling me something like, “Gampa tired, Gampa take a nap” which makes me laugh. But she also loves to point out moms, dads, and grandparents in books or on shows. And subsequently she now calls every parent or grandparent she meets Mama, Daddy, Gamma, or Gama. She loves, loves, loves, her new nursery leader and the leader told me Sunday that she’d been calling her Grandma the whole time. My friend babysat her the other day and apparently Addie called her Mama the whole time too. Silly girl.

8. Last night I went to my friend’s book signing for her new book Pivot Point. I started reading and so far it’s great! I’m really happy for her and hope she has a lot of success!

9. Another friend from church came by today with her daughter (who is in my activity days group) to give me a cute boy outfit they picked out. I thought that was so thoughtful!

10. I picked up a new book for Addie for Valentines Day (because we have the You Are My Cupcake book and I really wanted the other one!) but I have zero plans beyond that. Not sure if I’ll bother with anything more!

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5 Responses to ten on wednesday

  1. Mamacita says:

    Wonder if Baby Boy will have a name by the time he arrives! Adore that photo of Addie. And have to laugh that she says Gampa tired and needs a nap!

  2. Casie says:

    So happy for the BLUE coming your way. :)

    Peter Pan is a favorite around here, so yes, I have noticed the same voice with the dad and Hook.

    And both my boys went through phases of calling anyone that was a mom “Mom” when he’s around them, or “Grandma” if they look old enough. Sometimes it worries me that Jaren (who is still in the phase…..a little, mostly he calls mom’s now “Kirsten’s Mom” or “Bentley’s Mom”, etc.) that he will offend someone by calling them grandma if they aren’t! :)

    How is your wrist with this pregnancy????

  3. miss hill says:

    No WAY! I’ve never noticed the voice thing. We are going to have to watch that today and I’ll pay better attention.

  4. I am thrilled for you! I know I said this on your ig, but I had a “feeling” you might be expecting. Call it my awesome intuition ;)

    I bet my RX is higher than yours! And I have an astigmatism as well so I know your pain. The Walmart sounds scary.

    Boy names are hard, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something perfect.

  5. Cass says:

    I totally noticed the Captain Hook/Father thing when I watched it a few months ago too! Funny we never noticed as kids eh? Kev and I have agreed on a few girls names and nooooo boy names. Ugh. Why are they so hard!? So very excited for your boy. Addie will be a good big sis!