ten on thursday

1. One night last week I said to Addie, on a whim, that if she slept in her bed all night she could have a Jamba Juice the next day. Well she ran in my room at 8 AM squealing, “Jamba!” So it turns out she totally CAN sleep through the night in her room. We picked out a toy that day and started a sticker chart again. For the next 5 nights she did pretty awesome with it. One night she woke up with an owie and another night she woke up but then let me tuck her back in her own bed. But overall, pretty good. But the last 3 nights she’s been waking up again. I got her back in her own bed the first two nights by reminding her of the toy she picked out (a hideous Cinderella tiara) but last night she did not care a lick and refused to get back in her own bed. Sigh. Hoping we can get her back on track because I’ve felt so much better during the day when I get a night of uninterrupted sleep! And she’s happier too. It’s especially important for her to sleep well now that she doesn’t nap.

2. This is the second day in a row that I’ve felt 95% normal. Not heavily averse to all food, not so exhausted I can’t move from the couch. It is SO refreshing. I forgot what it is to not feel terrible some/most/all of the day.

3. My vision has suddenly changed in my right eye. I have an astigmatism which means that my contact has to be in the right spot in order to be in focus. So either the astigmatism has changed and the contact no longer fits correctly or my vision itself has drastically changed. Now even with a contact in, everything is blurry out of my right eye. The first few days it happened I had a terrible headache everyday but now I guess I’m adjusting. I’m just trying to figure out when I can get to the eye doctor with Jacob’s crazy unpredictable schedule. I so don’t want to take Addie if I don’t have to.

4. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Excited to hear the heartbeat again and get the info to schedule my gender ultrasound. I haven’t been too anxious to find out until this week, now I’m dying to know. Especially because there’s all these great kids clothes sales going on right now! I can feel the baby moving now which is really nice.

5. I woke up thinking about cupcakes on Saturday which was especially odd because I haven’t had much of a sweet tooth at all since getting pregnant. So we went to a place with good reviews on Yelp! for their Churro cupcake. Of course, they didn’t have it that day but they had a snickerdoodle one that was pretty tasty. Addie was over the moon about her pink cake pop.

She had fallen asleep in the car on the way over, hence the crazy hair!

6. I caught up on Project Life for 2012, huzzah! And the 2nd half of the year was so small compared to the first that I managed to squish it all into one album. Now just need to get started on 2013 since I’m 5 weeks behind already! Starting the new year is always hard because my perfectionist tendencies make me want to make certain design choices and stick to them all year but then I feel like I can’t commit to them yet. Last year I eventually overcame that and realized that it didn’t matter in the long run, as long as it was done!

7. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was a pregnancy pillow, which Jacob found for me at Babies R Us. The one he got is called the “Snoogle.” I like it, but it’s seriously huge. I can’t use it if Addie’s in our bed (grr) and even if she’s not it’s either taking up a ton of space or falling out of the bed. I just discovered Boppy made one that is customizable so you can use just part of it at a time and I’m dying that we didn’t get that one instead. Right now I don’t really need the whole big thing, just the part for my achy legs.

8. For Activity Days last night we heart attacked the Bishop’s office door. It was funny because he totally knew we were doing it (we came in three shifts because we have so many girls) but the girls thought they were being SO sneaky. It went really well. Next time we’re doing service by cleaning the toys in the nursery and I have a feeling the girls are going to be far less enthusiastic about that activity.

9. Yesterday Addie saw Reba McEntire on a show I had on and yelled, “Yook! It’s Gamma!” I had to laugh because I’ve always thought my mom’s sister Annette looks like Reba. Addie talks a lot about Grandma and Grandpa and going to “Gamma’s House.” Wish it wasn’t so far away!

10. I just pre-ordered the book Pivot Point. A gal in my ward wrote it and I’m really excited to read it. Our Relief Society activity next week is going to her book signing!

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5 Responses to ten on thursday

  1. Kalie says:

    Yay! I’ve missed your blog terribly! I wish we were close so I could take Addie for you for a bit. I couldn’t imagine having a quasi absentee husband during your early pregnancy… or, okay, lets be honest here… EVER. I count the minutes until Jason walks through the door. (And I really like my kid, I promise. She is just two and a half handfuls!) What are your plans for a nursery? Is your place big enough for separate rooms, or will the kiddos have to share? Can’t wait to find out the gender!!

  2. Cass says:

    So glad you’re feeling better-ish!!! It’s an amazing to actually start getting things done again! I’m dying over the Reba thing – too funny.

  3. shannon b says:

    I don’t know if I’ve said it already . . . . but, congrats on expecting! Glad you’re starting to feel better. :)
    And congrats on getting caught up with your 2012 PL! That is awesome. I still have some work to do. And I also have not started 2013. All in good time . . . .

  4. miss hill says:

    I can’t believe you are so close to finding out what you are having!! I can’t WAIT to hear:)

  5. Lori says:

    My sight is always a little worse when I’m pregnant. I wear my glasses quite a bit more often. I think it’s fairly normal, but it sounds like yours is more serious so maybe it’s not pregnancy related. I can’t wait to hear what you’re having! It’s just hitting me that this baby is really coming in about 10 weeks! I’ve been researching/shopping like crazy this week for the few things we need/want for this one.