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ten on tuesday

the ipod photo edition. Here are 10 recent photos from my ipod. (Otherwise known as: 10 moments I would have missed if it wasn’t for the camera on my ipod.) 1. Under the table and dreaming. 2. Post-nap cuddle. 3. … Continue reading

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a series of silly faces

This started out as a blog post and it turned into a scrapbook page. Funny how that happens. Love that silly face. Inspired by Erica. Digital elements by Crystal Wilkerson.

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pinterest 101

In case you haven’t noticed in recent blog posts let me tell you now: I’m addicted to Pinterest. And let me tell you why: I’m a visual person and being able to bookmark things by images is perfect for my … Continue reading

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ten on tuesday

1. Jacob passed the PE exam. Yay! 2. We found the perfect splash pad for Addie. It’s small but really it’s the perfect size for her. It’s completely fenced in and there’s nowhere she can go that we can’t see … Continue reading

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ten on…wednesday

I fully intended to get this post done on time this week but life’s been a bit hectic so I just couldn’t pull it off for before now. 1. Our car’s AC broke last week. It’s been on the fritz … Continue reading

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