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little mover

Early January. Wearing a dress from Aunt Heidi. Destroying the bookshelves in her room. Fleeing the scene.

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9 months

Dear Adelaide, It’s getting harder and harder to capture your little personality in words. You are full of life and energy and spirit. We can’t imagine how quiet and boring our lives were before you came along! You are all … Continue reading

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let me tell you about

Swagbucks. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to post this. How very Mommy Blogger of me to tell you about how you can earn money on the internet! But now that I’ve been doing this pretty casually for almost a year … Continue reading

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fresh clean start

photo from Ali Edwards I love the new year. I love how motivated I feel to make changes and try new things. I know some people hate resolutions because they never last. But I look at it differently. My resolutions … Continue reading

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a new year

Last Christmas bits… Addie’s Christmas ornament! We call her Babycakes so when I found it (for $6) at Garnder Village, I knew it was perfect. We ended up with 2 different Christmas cards this year. Long story, but I purchased … Continue reading

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