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why i’m scared of my steam cleaner

This happened days ago and I wasn’t sure I would blog it. But it’s the only really eventful thing that happened this week. So I’m sharing and you can laugh at what an idiot I am! I saved my birthday … Continue reading

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Hearts for Haiti

We donated a brand new alphabet game to Hearts for Haiti. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders! (The description on etsy looks a little sparse, but it’s just like our other games!)

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have you heard of alice?

Yesterday, Janssen had an awesome post on the “Frugal Wife = Wealthy Life” blog she started with her mom and sister Merrick. It was a very wise post entitled “Keeping Your Money Temptations at Bay.” Learning how to budget, especially … Continue reading

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revisiting the goals

So far so good, for the most part, on my small “new years” goals. I haven’t been following the New Years Grand Plan exactly but major headway has been made in the organizing department so I feel okay about it. … Continue reading

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thanks and a photo

Thank you all so much for all your wonderful baby advice. As expected, some of it was contradictory. But I know that’s because every family and every baby is different. But I did get lots of good information to go … Continue reading

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