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I hate to blog out of order when there’s lots of things that I need to blog about from the last month but this is one of those things that needs to be recorded while it’s fresh on your mind. … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m still so behind on blogging. I’m in Utah now for the week helping Heidi get ready for school. I’ll get caught up, I promise! In the meantime, our Back to School Bingo game was included in a fun … Continue reading

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indulge me

The hardest part about leaving NYC really was leaving this delightful creature. She had me wrapped around her chubby little finger. Madeleine and I had a wonderful relationship and I will forever treasure the time we spent together. It was … Continue reading

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puff’s guide to a day at the beach

Our last Saturday in NYC we went to Long Beach with Norris, Jenn, and Madeleine (the 1 yo I’ve been nannying.) Madeleine is a total beach bum. Follow her guide and you’ll have a great day at the beach. 1- … Continue reading

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