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remember this guy?

So back in October, Candice and I saw the tv show Damages being filmed at the Central Park Zoo. We saw and recognized a celebrity but we couldn’t figure out his name. I posted it on the blog and nobody … Continue reading

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Gung Hey Fat Choy!

1. Sarah and I had a sleepover at Candice’s house last week when Mark was out of town. They finally got to introduce me to Veronica Mars! We decided to enjoy it a la Gilmore Girls with lots and lots … Continue reading

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better late than never

The blog is mostly fixed, yay! Glad I didn’t lose almost 4 years of blog posts. On Tuesday morning I watched the inauguration at home. I almost forgot and turned the TV on at 11:55, just in time! After the … Continue reading

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Pardon my dust

I’m trying to recover the blog from yesterday’s little crash. I’ll be fixing up the blog today. Sorry it looks a little crazy right now!

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uh oh…

I think I broke my blog. This is why you shouldn’t randomly delete stuff from your blog code. Back soon, I hope!

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