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the one where Josh Groban touched my hand

Concert tickets – $95 Josh Groban fanclub membership to get the 18th row floor seats- $50 Dinner- $20 Gas- $15 Getting my hand touched by Josh Groban- Priceless More later, got to get to bed. Let’s just say that it … Continue reading

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the one with the fairy door

1. So the first week is over and I’m gearing up for the 2nd. I think this week will be better because we start having prep time and a lot more routines. Kids need structure. My snotty kid is still … Continue reading

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the one when there’s 178 more days

Just a quick check in to say I’ve survived the first and second day. It’s taken a lot out of me tho. I’ve got a rough group this year. We’re up to 25, which I think is way too many … Continue reading

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the one where we’re still alive..barely

Wanted to let our family know we’re alive. Jacob finished his last BYU final last night. Woohoo! He’s still got an independent study religion course to do but that’ll be easy. He’s as good as graduated! I’ve been back at … Continue reading

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the one where i’m not ready

1- School starts…really soon. I’m trying not to count down the days so I don’t want to figure it out! But my contract days start next Wednesday. Shudder. 2- I actually have a lot done, but there’s always so much … Continue reading

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