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come and knock on our door

1- I graduated! Woohoo! Finally! It was at the crack of dawn (we had to be there at 7:00 AM!) and we were in the armpit of campus (the Smith Fieldhouse). But I’m so relieved to be done. And I … Continue reading

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the world spins madly on

1- Yesterday marked 1 year since Jacob’s sister Sarah passed away suddenly. Can’t believe it’s been a year. But it’s exciting that now we can go to the Temple for her work. All of Jacob’s family will be coming out … Continue reading

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just for now

Spring Break was extended an extra day today. And not in a good way. Because I have a nasty case of the stomach flu! I honestly cannot ever remember being this sick before. I was up all night basically and … Continue reading

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i’ve got my eye on the prize

1- Spring Break 2007! FINALLY! I could have really gone for Spring Break about a month ago! Now I’m stressed about testing as soon as we get back! But it’s a nice break and I’m so happy to have it … Continue reading

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my mortal blood i would sacrifice

1- We survived the field trip. Mostly. Only my class and another class were going yesterday and the other classes went today. And the teacher of the other class going with mine ended up SICK that day. So it was … Continue reading

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