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So, one time today…. I was trying to pry open the industrial strength staples on the book orders so that I could get them sent home with the kids today. I guess I should mention I was using scissors to … Continue reading

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decisions, decisions

(Laura, you’ll recognize that song title, I hope!) I’m in major stress mode right now. I knew there was a good possibility I’d be offered a job at my school next year but I was under the impression that the … Continue reading

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I’m bored. And lonely. Jacob’s been really busy with school this week and I haven’t seen him much. In fact, I dropped him off on campus at 8:00 AM this morning and it’s 9:30 PM and he’s still there. Taking … Continue reading

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thank you!

Thank you all for your awesome advice and name ideas. You’re great! I password protected the post for business purposes. I hope nobody is offended. This is a scary, exciting road we’re heading down. It’s left me with lots of … Continue reading

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you are my sweetest downfall

1- Thank you all so much for your excitement about our vinyl cutter. It’s definitely nice to hear after we’ve taken this rather large and scary leap for ourselves! Believe me, you all will be the first to know the … Continue reading

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