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Meet Kellie Allison!

This is my best friend Laura’s beautiful new baby girl! She’s wearing the hat I sent her! Isn’t she the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t stop looking at all the pictures Laura posted. But I’m also a … Continue reading

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a cornucopia

of fun! – On Wednesday night we saw Stranger than Fiction. Run, don’t walk, to the theater to see this movie. It was amazing. We absolutely loved it. We’ll be seeing it again (when it hits the cheap theater- we’re … Continue reading

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gobble gobble

Lots of random stuff. – Ran into a student today at Walmart. She watched me with awestruck eyes the entire time I was in sight. I think she thought I lived at school. I’ve only run into one other student … Continue reading

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new funny

Here’s the latest kid funny that I’ve been dying to share. Yesterday I was teaching a math lesson and I had asked the students a question. Then I told them to whisper their answer to their neighbor. Well, little Johnny … Continue reading

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post for a tuesday

I truly have nothing to say, but I feel like posting so there you go. Got a new kid funny. My kids were doing the Scholastic News last week during centers. It was about nocturnal animals and then it had … Continue reading

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