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just for fun

I don’t usually post surveys but this one was unique and fun. Stole it from Miss Alison. 1. Where were you 3 hours ago? Finishing the last minutes of my student teaching. Yeehaw! 2. Who are you in love with? … Continue reading

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its almost friday

And I can’t wait! I’m completely finished with all student teaching related duties TOMORROW and I can hardly wait. I haven’t written much about it but it’s been one of the most trying experience of my life. I’ve had to … Continue reading

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one month anniversary

Can’t believe it’s been a month already, and at the same time, can’t believe it’s only been a month! We’re just so happy together. Everything is working out so perfectly! No big plans today for our “anniversary” since it’s Sunday. … Continue reading

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otter pops

We bought some otter pops at the store the other day. I haven’t had one in years. Can I just say I really love those things?? I didn’t even know that I loved them! We’ve been having total flashbacks to … Continue reading

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home sweet home

We’re back! It was a great trip but boy it’s fabulous to be home!! We left last Wednesday morning bright and early. We drove all day long and only made short stops through the whole trip. We entertained ourselves by … Continue reading

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